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What is a Podcast and How do I use it?

Sermon podcasts make it easier for you to download our weekly sermons. Instead of coming to the site and manually downloading the MP3 files, you can set your podcast software to copy new files to your computer automatically as they're posted each week. You can then listen to the sermon on your computer, burn a CD, or copy the file to an MP3 player\iPod. Some software such as iTunes can automatically load the file to your iPod when you next connect it up.

All you need to make use of a podcast is a computer and some free software. A broadband connection is recommended and to make best use a portable mp3 player (it doesn't have to be an iPod). If you are interested in finding a program to make use of the podcast, try either Juice or iTunes. Both programs are free, and versions are available for Windows and Macintosh computers. There are many other choices of software see this page for a comprehensive list. 

If you use iTunes and have it installed on this computer, you may use this link to subscribe to the St. Paul's podcast: iTunes subscribe link

If you do not use iTunes, you may subscribe to one of our podcast feeds by entering this address into your podcast software:  

For more details than you need to know about podcasting, cick here!