There are always opportunities for prayer ministry after services. We have a growing team of people who are available to meet and pray with you in the power of the Holy Spirit and to seek God's blessing for your life.

Prayer ministry

We now offer prayer ministry after almost every Sunday service, except the 8am, throughout the year. This is much appreciated, with people going forward for prayer most Sundays. Some go forward because God has been speaking to them through the sermon, some because of a burden they're bearing or a desire for healing, some in response to a word of knowledge that's been shared in the service, and some simply to receive more of God in their lives.

The prayer ministry team receives regular training, but we are very clear that we are not offering counselling. What we are doing is listening to God for people, and asking the Holy Spirit to speak into their lives. And it's a great privilege and encouragement to see God at work in this way.

St. Paul's Night
St Pauls Night There is usually an opportunity to meet together in church on the first Wednesday of the month (Thursdays during the autumn) from 7.30pm - 9.30pm. The evening starts with refreshments and fellowship before turning to worship and praise, teaching and prayer, always with an extended period in which we can listen to God for ourselves and for the church. Each St Paul's night is different - some include prayer stations (pictured), some prayer for one another. Everyone is welcome.